Custom Aviation Furniture From Retired Aircraft


Welcome To AViART AUStralia

Keeping the magic of flight alive.  Custom made 'retired' airline catering carts into wine bars,

airplane propellors or helicopter rotors into mirror polished sculptures,

and wing surfaces into 'one of a kind' custom conference tables, coffee tables or desks.


Our Roots

AViART Australia was founded in Townsville in 2013, But is now located on the Gold Coast, It is owned and operated by Rob Pearson. Rob decided to share his passion for aviation by reclaiming old aircraft bound for metal junkyards and scrap heaps.



Through unrivalled ingenuity Rob and his team have been able to bring what was once a wasted piece of history to life. He helps to preserve history by finding new homes for these unique pieces of aviation art.


our mission

to find custodians for items of aviation significance and repurposed or RENOVATE into a new generation of use beyond a scrapyard or museum.